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¡Tozudo Y Chiflado Qué Pesado!

What is it about?

There is a princess(Katahí) and there is a prince. The princess is fed up with silly guys trying to marry her, she just wants to live a life of her own. That’s why she fills the whole castle with traps to keep Zerrin (the prince) from trying to save her from no danger at all (cause that is what princes do, I guess? what if peach was comfortable with Bowser, nobody ever thinks about that)

It is one of the funniest and entertaining games I have ever tried to develop. And I have very good memories of developing it.

What did I learn from it?

The game itself was developed with the Cocos2Dx Engine and it was my first approach to C++. We approached the development of the game with Scrum. We did daily briefs of our progress and maintained a tidy development environment. My colleague and I shared the weight of the programming load. I spent a lot of time in the shop system and inventory I also programmed a great deal of the gameplay.

Regarding design, I had to do a lot of style research so that the character resembled what it was supposed to be: stupid. The animations where done frame by frame and them where all one in Photoshop.

I also learned from this project that we should not overextend in some small area of the gameplay since it was not so relevant for the game. In the end, we were only going to develop a prototype and polishment did not matter as much as game concept and gameplay.




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