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The Enigma From another World

The Enigma From Another World


What is it about?

The game consists in discovering who among the players is the monster. whilst the monster has to infect everyone in order to win. Since the game is a pure AI playground (meaning that we had to focus on AI agents doing things rather than gameplay) the AI agents are categorized using traits, each one has a personality. Each agent seeks to join a group that most satisfies its needs. when the agent joins the group it does not know whether the monster is still in the group or around. The agents suspect of the other agents so sometimes they might not want to join their group, will attack them or simply run from them.

The player and the agents are assigned the role in the beginning. If you are the monster you infect other people and hide. If you are not, gather a group to fight the monster.

What did I learn?

Since I developed some of the steering behaviors that ruled the AI along with the group system, I had to communicate with all my colleagues’ development of features. In this project, I learned to do the thing the most modular and abstract possible so that they are easy to connect with my colleagues work.


The slides of the game can be found here

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