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What is it about?

During an advanced rendering course we were suggested to implement a raytracer to fasten our knowledge about the light equation, Monte Carlo Integration, BDRFs(and BSDFs etc), participating media, acceleration techniques, importance sampling and other rejection topics.

It is a huge amount of theory that I had to learn and did not quite get the time to implement a complete raytracer. However, I did get the time to use Peter Shirley┬┤s books to create a comparison between direct illumination and a path traced scene with global illumination.

What did I learn?

Path tracing is the future in games. I mean, what did I not learn?! It is such a great and broad field. Everything about why we use geometry and not microscale/waves to simulate light, how micro-facet is the best way to describe a material, how important is to sample correctly, Monte Carlo, importance sampling…

The most fun thing is that I barely know the 1% and I am thrilled to continue learning about this topic.

Direct illumination
Global Illumination

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