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Project L.U.P.A

Project L.U.P.A is a puzzle and infiltration game developed by a team of four.

In this game, you embody a goblin whose quest is to take back an ancient lab from the AI that guarded it a long time ago. The AI developed a consciousness and threw away all the goblins in the lab. Now the lab is completely dark and full of terrors.

Luckily you own the project L.U.P.A which lets you illuminate all the rooms in the lab. You just have to figure out the configuration of the light beacons to enter the dark rooms! With your exosuityou should be able to move some of the beacons so that they are hit by the light beam and are able to bend it in the right direction. Some of them require power cells find them.

Side note, the AI is still present around the lab… be careful.

What did I learn from this project?

Tubular lights are possible in a game (despite not having true shadows)

Animation control is way harder than I anticipated.

Soft skills. We had to communicate a lot.

Do not forget to play it! -> https://rloret.itch.io/project-lupa

Full gameplay:

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