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Nave Especial

Nave Especial

What is it about?

This is another project that aims to surpass the boundaries of conventional controllers. In this case we used ultrasound systems to steer a ship.

The game itself consists of an endless runner where you have to steer the ship using ultrasound controllers. More ultrasound controllers are used to aim towards the enemy ships and destroy them.

What Did I learn?

In this project, I specialized in communicating Unity with Arduino ports and creating a small Library that handles the I/O events in the ports. I also created the procedural terrain with the help of Sebastian Lague’s Tutorials to create procedural terrain in Unity.

I got the chance of starting to learn a bit of signal theory, whilst at the same time implementing for the first time a Fractal Brownian Motion terrain using Perlin. At this time I did not know how to communicate with GPUs so the creation of the terrain was a bit slow. However, the game was smooth enough(60 FPS) to be played.

You can see the slides here


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