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What is it about?

Again, another experimental game, in this case, a controller made with an Arduino board with an accelerometer and a gyroscope is used to generate an infinite road using the 6DOF (degrees of freedom) that the microcontroller provides. The Game consists on surviving the most time possible(until the song ends) collecting the most coins possible modifying the road and avoiding the obstacles.

What did I learn?

I was in charge of creating the endless road, the model, and the communication. There was also some FX since the game is played along with Carmina Burana – Oh Fortuna theme, the frequency spectrum is analyzed and the atmosphere changes and a lighting is spawned as High frequencies are registered (As in an apocalyptic storm).

The input from the accelerometer was extremely sensitive, the signal was quite noisy, I had to apply some filters to smooth it out so that it allowed for a less bumpy road.

Since this game was a jam-like project we did not have too much time to spend in polishing, there is no artistic lead whatsoever. The game is fun which is what matters most.


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