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Project L.U.P.A

Project L.U.P.A is a puzzle and infiltration game developed by a team of four. In this game, you embody a goblin whose quest i

OpenGL Render Engine.

What is it about? This is a small engine made to study the modern graphics pipeline. It is meant for my personal use. Features

3D polygonal Mesh Fracture. A Tetrahedra clustering a pproach.

This is my final degree project. It is created as a way of simulating fracture for games using fast tetrahedralization for con

Autostereoscopy – Interlace Pattern understanding Pt IV.

Final post incoming! In this post I am going to assemble all the patterns we gathered through this small series and make a fin

Autostereoscopy – Interlace Pattern understanding Pt III.

In this blog post, I am going to try to explain to you what to do once we know the interlace pattern values per pixel, which i

Autostereoscopy – Interlace Pattern understanding Pt II.

Hello, everybody! Today’s post is going to be about how to achieve the pattern we saw in the other post and try to under

Autostereoscopy – Interlace pattern understanding Pt I

Hello, everyone! In this blog post, I want to show you the pattern used to interleave 8 images to produce autostereoscopic con

Autostereoscopy – Multiview displays what are they good for?

Quick reminder! An autostereoscopic display is a device that allows 3D viewing without the need of 3D glasses, it can use para

Autostereoscopy – Types

When talking of autostereoscopy types, we need first need to refer to the type of display that generates the effect: Two-view

Autostereoscopy – Introduction

The reason I want to start a blog post series about stereoscopy and autostereoscopy is that it has been my field of research f