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Project L.U.P.A

Project L.U.P.A is a puzzle and infiltration game developed by a team of four. In this game, you embody a goblin whose quest i

OpenGL Render Engine.

What is it about? This is a small engine made to study the modern graphics pipeline. It is meant for my personal use. Features

Steering Behaviours study

What is it about? This is a sandbox where an agent is placed, its duty is to locate the closest butterfly in sightand catch it


What is it about? During an advanced rendering course we were suggested to implement a raytracer to fasten our knowledge about

3D polygonal Mesh Fracture. A Tetrahedra clustering a pproach.

This is my final degree project. It is created as a way of simulating fracture for games using fast tetrahedralization for con


Gyrocoaster What is it about? Again, another experimental game, in this case, a controller made with an Arduino board with an

Nave Especial

Nave Especial What is it about? This is another project that aims to surpass the boundaries of conventional controllers. In th


Boats! What is it about? This game is my first approach ever to the Unity Game Engine. The game itself consists of a Boat race


2Fit2Furious   In this project, my teammates and I wanted to explore the boundaries of the definition of video games. We


¡Tozudo Y Chiflado Qué Pesado! What is it about? There is a princess(Katahí) and there is a prince. The princess is fed up