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What is it about?

This game is my first approach ever to the Unity Game Engine. The game itself consists of a Boat race to see which one captures 7 buoys before any other boat. You can throw them bombs so that they sink and you can interrupt their path and get their buoy before them.

What did I learn?

We learnt the Unity Environment, which was very cool because of the quick prototypoes we could make. We wanted to make something extraordinary and aimed for water. I mean, yes, we were completely nuts.

For the development of the sea multiple ways of making ways were contemplated: FBM of sine waves, Gerstner waves (which is kind of the same as the 1st option), Displacement maps, Tessendorf Waves.

In the end we ended up developed a system for the Tessendorf waves not to be too costly. Since Tessendorf waves are tileable I found a way of simulating all the ocean in a single, very dense (polygon-wise) mesh. So all the physiscs were calculated only in one patch.

Regarding buoyancy I ended up making the boat behave as a hover car, which turned out behaving excellent.

What I most value about the development of this project are several things:

  • An artistic lead is very important. Focusing only in the technical details might cause your game not to be what you expected to be.
  • Sometimes it is good to get stuck on a feature you really want to add to your game, but others it slows you down.


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