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In this project, my teammates and I wanted to explore the boundaries of the definition of video games. We took the video out of the definition and decided to make a screen-less game but preserving technology and media. At the same time, we wanted people to move and avoid them being sedentary.

What was it about?

So the game turned out to be a cooperative squat Race off-screen. 2 players are positioned in front of a Kinect that registers when one of them makes a squat. When he/she does it, a wheel of a car made with an Arduino board moves. Together both players must communicate to arrive at the end of the goal by making squats at the same time or taking turns to steer the car along the track. Each time the car steps on a black line, it loses a life (which is represented by a led turning off) when the car is left without lives it stops. During the gameplay there are sounds that sound, some of them give you lifes other take them from you. So apart from doing squats you have to raise your hand when the life spawns so that you can continue playing.

What did I learn?

In this project, I learned a lot: Electronics, Arduino IDE, COM ports communication, a bit of Kinect API…

But the most important part I think is communication. We learnt how to communicate not only with our teammates but with our players. We listened, iterated over preferences and bugs smoothly. I think I managed to upgrade my soft skills in a great deal.

It was such a fulfilling project, we even made a small communication project to allow it to be known and be heard of. Do not hesitate to check out the videos on the channel!

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